Counting down to
9-12 May 2024

Whats New

  • 12 Feb 2023
    Preparations for this years fly-in are well underway. The 2023 briefing video has been added to the website and some changes are planned for tihs years fly-in to help better accomodate our sponsors. Keep watching the Facebook page and this website for additional announcements.

  • 10 Nov 2022 - Website and camping pricing update
    The website has been update with the new camping fees (see below) and main splash screen. Unfortunately, the fly-in is not immune to inflation and this has resulted in an increase in the camping fees for the first time since the fly-in began.

  • 1 May 2022 - Arriving Early? PLEASE READ THIS!
    Given the popularity of the fly-in, we are expecting a large number of participants to arrive early. We appreciate your support but please understand that prior to the start of the fly-in on Thursday, we may need to rearrange parking, camping and RV setups to facilitate emergency access routes and vendor / fly-in management positioning while ensuring most efficient use of the property. We will do our best to minimize the need for camping setups to be moved but please understand that we may need to ask some of you to move before the fly-in begins. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

  • 30 Apr 2022 - Check our Facebook page for current updates
    We will be posting a lot of details there as were get closer to this year's fly-in. There is no need sign in to Facebook or even have an account to read the updates.
  • 4 Feb 2022 - The YouTube briefing video has been posted
    Scroll down to see it.

  • 30 Jan 2022 - NEW!
    No signups on the website this year.
    We were hopeful last year that the signup system would give us an idea of how many people would show up and want t-shirts. However, the results of the sign-up were extremely far off from the number who arrived so at this time, we have decided to forego sign-up on the website.
    However, our Facebook page has a calander entry for the fly in and we would appreciate everyone who is planning to come to let us know as early as possible.

  • 24 Mar 2021 - How early can I arrive?
    We've had this question a few times so far we've modified the policy and we are asking that no one arrive before Tuesday to allow us some time to get prepared.
    Fly-In staff will also be collecting the camping fees for the all who are on the field for the fly-in so if there is no one present at the entrance when you arrive, please seek us out to make sure you obtain the camper tag for this year.
    Also for those arriving early, please be aware that you may be asked to change location, depending on where you park. Some spaces near the pavilion will certainly be reserved for staff but there may be some additional shuffling around for organizational purposes.
    Some of the power poles have multiple 20/30/50A outlets so when you park, make sure you leave enough space for other campers to access the remaining outlets.

  • 14 Mar 2021 - No "pre-registration" this year!
    But we do have a system to let us know how many plan to attend. Please take a few minutes fill out your details so we can prepare appropriately.

  • 28 Feb 2021 - Moving Ahead, Big Changes, please read!
    Preparations for the 2021 Fly-In continue.
    We have decided to simplify the payments process and will be only accepting cash at the gate. However, we still have a "Plan To Be There?" button but this is NOT a registration, nor is it a guarantee for or of anything. We simply ask that everyone who is intending to be there and/or would like to purchase T-shirts signs up so that we know how many to expect as it will assist us immensely in planning for supplies and preparation for the fly-in.

  • Supporting Resurgence PPG
    Our mission for 2021 has not changed from what we were planning for 2020.
    We will be supporting Resurgence PPG with the proceeds from the fly-in.

  • 7 Dec 2020 - Getting ready for 2021 IT'S ON!!!
    We will be likely be adjusting some of our procedures a little bit this year, never stop improving!

  • 1 April 2020 - Moving the previous top announcement due to fly-in postponement
    Our mission for the 2020 fly-in is to support those who risked their lives and impacted their health in support of a greater mission.
    We will be donating the proceeds from the fly-in to Resurgence PPG. Your payments will go towards supporting those who served their country and paid the price. We ask that you consider this when making your purchase decisions and donations; you will be helping to improve and even save the lives of those who risked all.
    To find out more about Resurgence PPG, visit their website at

  • 2 February 2020 - Partnering with Resurgence PPG
    In case you missed the memo at the top of the page, all of the proceed from the 2020 fly-in will be donated to Resurgence PPG

  • 2 February 2020 - Let the next one begin!
    We are working on the details for the 2020 fly and looking forward to the day!

Briefing Video

Rules for the Bad Apples / Hodges Field PPG Fly In

Requirements; Participants must:
  • sign a waiver before flying
  • attend pilot briefing before flying
  • wear a wristband on at all times
  • keep the runway clear (remove unused equipment from the field promptly after the flight and only set up immediately before launching)
  • familiarize themselves with the airspace and local conditions
  • yield right of way to landing pilots
  • keep all pets on a leash
  • ensure pets use appropriate area for relieving themselves and immediately clean up any "accidents"
  • register as pilot if vendor
  • fly commensurate with skill level.
Limitations; Participants must NOT:
  • harass wildlife or people
  • fly low over people, buildings or animals
  • perform demonstration flights without prior arrangement with staff
  • perform group training or first solo flights
  • keep all equipment, tents, vehicles, and people behind the flight line unless directly involved in flight operations.


Terms and Conditions:

Refund Policy:
No refunds

Cancellation policy:
If the event is cancelled due to events beyond our control, the decision to issue full or partial refunds will be made based on the timing of and reason for the cancellation.

Privacy policy:
We don't retain any credit card info.
We store email address, names, pilot names and phone numbers on a locally secured server to confirm the purchases and to provide a communication path to the pilots. We will not sell or otherwise distribute to any third parties except as legally required by law or court order.

This website is secured by encrypting the data between your browser and the server storing our website, while the credit card data is secured directly by our processing provider. Standard and reasonable precautions are taken to ensure that the limited amount of data we store doesn't end up in the wrong hands but we are not liable for damages caused by hacking or other malicious attempts to obtain data by outside third parties.

We don't ship anything. If you want a T-shirt but can't attend, ask a pilot buddy to bring it back with him or her, or make other arrangements to have it sent.

We reserve the right to refuse entry to the fly-in and property to anyone.

Where is it?

Name: Hodges Field, 4GA0,
Address: 428 Neil Hodges Road
City, St, Zip: Andersonville, Georgia 31711
Coordinates: 32.125288, -84.128981
Coordinates: 32°07'31.0"N 84°07'44.3"W

General Description:
Hodges Field is located about 7 miles north east of Americus, Georgia and about 3½ miles north east of Jimmy Carter Regional Airport. 
Driving it's a little under 2½ hours or 144 miles from the center of Atlanta I75/I20 junction, and just over 3½ hours / 190 miles from downtown Panama City, FL.

What 3 Words


Pilots: $60 cash on arrival at the field
Vendors: Free unless flying, then same as pilot
T-Shirts: $20 for all sizes.
Camping: First come, first served. no reservations possible. Payment will collected by fly-in staff on arrival.
RVs: $30/night for 30A, $35/night for 50A outlets, (water included, dump station on site)
Tents: $10/night, $20/night if AC used, includes use of showers and restroom facilities.


Q. I only have a few flights - can I come?
A. We want to make it clear that every experience level is welcome and we have no desire to make a lot of rules.
However, we expect it to be a very busy flight-line and pilots with less experience may at times find it very challenging and overwhelming.
While we don't have a minimum flight experience requirement, we do expect that, for safety, less experienced pilots limit their flight-line activities during busy times and coordinate all their activities with guidance from other, more experienced pilots. The community in this sport is very helpful and if you need assistance, let those around you know - you'll end up with a lot more friends than when you arrived!

Q. I'm planning on attending and would like a T-shirt but I won't be flying. The registration page is asking for the pilot name. What should I put in there?
A. Create the order including only the T-shirt(s) you want and simply put your name as the pilot. We just wanted to be clear that we would not be shipping any T-shirts.

Q. If I want to sleep in my trailer/car/blimp/etc. do have to pay the $20 camping fee?
A. No. The $20 fee is for connecting to the hookups and parking in the area reserved for campers. If you sleep on the property in a tent or any other transportable item without connecting to power or parking in the hookups area, the $10 fee will cover use of the property and facilities (restrooms and showers).

Reach out and talk to us

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The Bad Apples Hoges Field PPG Fly-In